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Financial Excellence

Our Philosophy

Life is straightforward, when money is.

We intend to disrupt the global payments and banking industry and emerge as a leading financial solutions provider promoting financial well-being and inclusion.

Our Products
Our Products

Business Enabling Technology and White-Labelled Solutions.

Our market-leading technology helps businesses to expand into new markets and further engage customers with their brand.


Marq Millions offers an end to end solution to B2B customers to launch their financial products within months without any hassle.

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Our white-labeled product which serves as a proof of concept has over 42,000 customers and is increasing rapidly every month.

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Our Team

The Executive Board and Co-Founders

Executive Board with 100+ years of experience, well-known Industry Experts as NEDs and seasoned Tech Experts onboard.

Muhammad Asim

Chief Executive Officer

Asim was named ‘Youngest Successful Business Entrepreneur’ by the Government of Pakistan in 2010 for leading numerous business start-ups including ABA Innovations. He also managed MMG General Trading in UAE, as CEO in 2013.Asim is former Managing Director of a Private Limited Exchange Company . During his tenure, he created strategic partnerships with Western Union, MoneyGram and Ria Financials.

Asim secured the ‘Tech Entrepreneurs Under 35’ award in the UK. He launched Arro Money initially to address the practical problem to the people in UK denied having a standard bank account. His contribution to Arro led to strategic partnerships with key players in Fintech Industry and also helped to design Intelligent KYC & KYB solutions to support PSD2.

Alan Wilson

Chief Compliance Officer

Alan has worked in a wide range of positions across the finance sector, including investment, mortgages, insurance and banking.

He has broad knowledge and extensive 20 years experience of the regulatory and compliance sector with Consultant roles and Senior Management roles in the Banking, Insurance and Payment Services sectors.

He helped Arro to design an ideal compliance function and managed to acquire a very smooth re-authorisation from FCA in 2018.

Mahmood Kamran

Chief Operating Officer

Mahmood started his career in 1996 as Operation Manager of the ARY International Exchange. After qualifying for World Bank’s State Officer Training Scheme, he served in the State Bank of Pakistan where he audited many leading financial services. Mahmood as the Chief Operating Officer of AA Exchange Company supported rapid growth and smooth implementation of partnerships with several major multinationals.

His operational expertise helped Arro in on-boarding quality customers and building systems to prevent frauds.

Jonathan Farnell

Chief Risk Officer

Jonathan in his banking career of over 18 years has undertaken several technical and advisory roles. Key expertise includes the development of fraud monitoring and management information systems. Later going on to work on regulatory recovery, resolution planning as well as advising on operational risk and governance frameworks.

As the Chief Risk Officer and a co-founder of Marq Millions, Jonathan has played a significant role, including gaining an EMI licence from the FCA and launching the Arro agency banking solution.

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